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YUI- ANGEL BEATS by NeviNakuta

This is the first time I made a critique... Well, first of all, I like this drawing a lot!!! But since I have to do a constructive crit...



.: OC -The Cats- :. by Cosdark
.: OC -The Cats- :.
Names: Tsuki and Tora
Code Name: "The Cats"
Age: ???
Height: Tsuki-155cm Tora-159cm
Bust: Tsuki-76cm Tora-88cm
Waist: Tsuki-57cm Tora-59cm
Hips: Tsuki-85cm Tora-87cm
Personality: Both of them are pretty lazy, but Tora have some "explosions" of hyperactivity. Both always go at their own pace.
Likes: Lie on the ground or on a tree. Sometimes, go hunting.
Dislikes: They hate having to follow orders.

- Close-range attack: Excelent (99/100)x2.

- Mid-range attack: Very Poor (00/100) Nothing.

- Long-range attack: Very Poor (00/100) Nothing.

- Close-range defense: Excelent (99/100) They help each other and also use their agility to avoid attacks.

- Mid-range defense: Excelent (99/100) They use their senses to know what the enemy is going to do.

- Long-range defense: Very Good (80/100) They use their instincts.

They are the personal guard of "The Professor". Nobody knows where they come from. Their ears and tail are a mystery.
TheCats-LineArt by Cosdark
Well, this is the fourth and fifth characters design of a line of characters of a history I have in mind. I started this long time ago, but with all contests, and university stuff, I couldn't finish it. Now it's summer and I'll have some time for drawing. I'll give them some color soon.

Their personalities, abilities, etc... will be posted in the colored version.
Selfie Cat Thingymajig meme by Cosdark
Selfie Cat Thingymajig meme
Well, Porforever asked me "Do you want to be a cat, Cosdark?" So maybe I've not been tagged, but the offer was there, so here I am, with cat ears :U I did it quickly, so maybe it's a bit clumsy, hehe.

I won't tag anybody, but whoever who wants to do this, is free to do it too!!

Oh, and thx Porforever for this opportunity :U
CelesteCorinne's contesttttttttttttttttttt:


I will participate!!!
Lots of prices:
Bullet; Pink First Place Bullet; Pink
1,000Points from *CelesteCorinne
75Points from PanserPop
1 Waist Up Drawing from Clue000
1 Page Doll from Nnyir
1 Chibi from ronekimew
1 Semi Chibi from Lite-kun
1 Chibi Sketch from PetiteBubu
1 Chibi Page Doll from acidreamingss
1 Chibi from XxsOriixX
1 Waist Up from cherrychow
1 Headshot from Puppets-here

Bullet; Purple Second Place Bullet; Purple
500Points from *CelesteCorinne
25Points from PanserPop
1 Chibi from Clue000
1 Sweetly Simple Icon from Nnyir
1 Chibi from ronekimew
1 Chibi from AzumiNanao
1 Normal Chibi from Lite-kun
1 Chibi Sketch from PetiteBubu
1 Walking Chibi Icon from TheShelberine

Bullet; Blue Third Place Bullet; Blue
300Points from *CelesteCorinne
1 Style 2 Icon from anichan7
1 Chibi from ronekimew
1 Mini Chibi from Lite-kun
1 Chibi Sketch from PetiteBubu
1 Walking Chibi Icon from TheShelberine
1 Thigh Up Drawing from Punyurin
1 Chibi from doodles-n-crafts

Bullet; White Llamas/Watches for all three places Bullet; White
A Llama from CelesteCorinne


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